Tire Hazard - RoadSide Assist - Customer Retention Program. Includes 4 Chrome ABS Plastic and 1 Green ABS Plastic Caps, Two Awareness Decals and Registration Card

Tire Hazard - RoadSide Assist - Customer Retention Cap Kit

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Customer Retention + Sign & Drive Roadside Assist  + Tire Hazard 200

Customer Retention: Provides access to your customer’s names and email addresses, provides email marketing through the customized newsletter, allows you to send unlimited coupons with your newsletter.

Sign & Drive Roadside Assist: Towing assistance, flat tire assistance, lockout assistance, fluid delivery, and battery assistance.

Tire Hazard 200: Provides tire repair or, if the tire cannot be repaired, tire replacement for a flat tire. The plan will reimburse up to $25.00 for repair and $200.00 for replacement of the tire.

$12.95 per kit, minimum order of 50 kits.