Parker TireSaver Maintenance Kit MKTS123

Parker "TireSaver" Maintenance Kit MKTS123

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Parker TireSaver Nitrogen Systems Filter Kit for TireSaver Bezel Model Nitrogen Inflation System.

Product Features:

Filter Kit For TS051, TS076 and TS123

Prevents Membrane From Becoming Damaged

Essential tool in upkeep and maintenance of your TireSaver Unit.

Failure to replace filters yearly can harm your unit and even destroy your membrane.

Regular filter maintenance is required to maintain warranty.

Kit includes:

Activated Charcoal Filter, Water Filter Element, Oil Filter Element, Moisture Separator.

A periodic check of the automatic drains is necessary to ensure the membrane life. To verify float is functioning correctly, open the filter bowl by turning one quarter turn counter-clockwise. Inspect for water or oil, an inactive float will be submerged, an active float will not. If float is found to be inactive follow cleaning procedure or replace.