NitrogenMan "THE TOPPER" Nitrogen Tire Inflation Generator

NitrogenMan "THE TOPPER" Nitrogen Tire Inflation Generator

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NitrogenMan is proud to introduce “THE TOPPER” Nitrogen Generator.

“THE TOPPER” uses a PARKER Nitrogen Membrane to produce nitrogen for tire inflation.

What makes “THE TOPPER” unique is that it is only 24” Tall x 18” Wide x 6” Deep. 

With all components mounted in a Steel Enclosure and wall mounted, this makes “THE TOPPER” ideal for the QUICK LUBE Industry. This unit can be plumbed to your existing TOP OFF Inflators with little effort. Also, this unit is IDEAL for the MOTORCYCLE Industry giving them the ability to offer Nitrogen at a very cost effective investment. "THE TOPPER" is complete and ready for use with a 2 Gallon storage tank giving you fast TOP OFFS with little line pressure lose.